Would you like to emphasize your uniqueness with a piece of jewelry made of horse hair? Are you looking for an individual gift? An extravagant bracelet made of horse hair, a chic key chain, a stylish chain or even a hitched bridle? Then you are at the right place at CAVALLIN- personalized horsehair design.

CAVALLIN uses 925 sterling silver for our jewelry, the highest quality and most popular alloy in the jewelry sector. This is nickel free and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

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Schmuck mit Zirkonia

The exquisite women's range from CAVALLIN-personalized Horsehair Designs exudes joie de vivre - the individual horse hair jewelry evokes memories of the beloved horse.

The Men collection impresses with trendy motifs and masculine materials, for example blackened 925 sterling silver in combination with leather. The coarse braided horse hair strands make the accessories look masculine and yet very stylish.

Young Love

The Young collection impresses with its simplicity. Fine and smaller silver elements are used, usually with only one to a maximum of three horse hair strands or combined with colored leather.

Of course you can bring in your individual wishes and needs.

Complete your outfit with high quality, handmade horse hair necklaces🙌. Be unusual. Have your own unique piece made - with the horse hair of your own horse.

The necklaces from CAVALLiN impress with their unconventional charisma.

Nothing expresses your love like our personalized key rings. Let CAVALLiN - personalized Horsehair Designs help you to create a keychain made of horse hair that you have designed, to give away to your loved ones.

The precious gold bracelets are equipped with various CAVALLiN closures and serve as reliable carriers. The extremely versatile bracelet made of 725 yellow gold or rose gold is as classic as it is modern. You can combine this with multiple or simple horse hair strands as well as gemstones or leather. The elegant gold bracelets from the classic CAVALLiN collection are beautiful pieces of jewelry that will last forever.


In the beautiful Zurich Oberland, near Bubikon, individual and very personal pieces of jewelry made from horse hair are lovingly handcrafted.

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Do you have a special request or concern and have not found what you are looking for in our range? Then contact Us, we are open to all your ideas.



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