When Nicole fulfilled her long-awaited dream of owning a horse in 2008, she accidentally came into contact with the art of braiding and hitching. She completed various courses and worked carefully and conscientiously into this old tradition. She herself made two hitched bridles from horse hair. The effort was enormous. The motivation increased to make this art known in Switzerland.


In 2012 the order volume was larger and so Nicole showed her younger sister Nadine the art of creating a piece of jewelry with horse hair and leather.

This is how the name came about



(Nicole) (NAdine) (S).

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Trained nurse HF and double mom.

Jewelery designer and founder of CAVALLIN - personalized horsehair designs


Trained optician and mum from a daughter.

Jewelry designer

Owner of CAVALLIN - personalized horsehair designs




What began in 2008 with a lot of passion and commitment by the founder Nicole Schreiter has developed over the years into a successful jewelry company.

Even after 10 years, the family company is still a complete success. Our hearts beat for people with commitment. Our designs are personal, unique and emotional - and we like to reinvent them every day

The high standard of quality, various designs, individual wishes and good service has connected us with you to this day. At CAVALLIN you can rely on the fact that you only receive high quality horse hair jewelry that will give you a lifetime of pleasure. A memory for life.

The name CAVALLIN becomes a national and international brand, which is registered in the IPI and the brand is thus protected.



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