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real silver:

The word silver comes from the Latin word "Argentum", which literally means "money". It belongs to the shiny white precious metals. Silver has been used by humans since about the 5th millennium BC. processed. At times it was more valuable than gold.

Compared to other metals, silver has an above-average color brightness and polishability, is soft, malleable, and resistant to corrosion and heat.

Especially in my work as a nursing specialist, I have already had some experience with pure silver, as it has the special properties of an antibacterial effect and is therefore often used where bacteria and germs are undesirable. Such as wound dressings with colloidal silver or nanosilver coatings or the well-known Silverette as a wound cap over the nipples during breastfeeding.

Silver threads or silver ions in the antimicrobial finish of textiles inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin and thus prevent unpleasant odors.Coating of surfaces, e.g. B. in refrigerators, on kitchen furniture, light switches and other objects.

Silver is so popular in jewelery making because it has a lifetime of durability and even becomes more beautiful in appearance.

Silver wants to be worn! If it's lying around for too long or isn't stored in an airtight environment, it will turn yellow or even turn black.


The delivery takes place within 14 - 21 days after receipt of payment.

Deviating from this delivery time are pieces of jewelery that have to be gold-plated or other custom-made products. The delivery time for these is usually approx. 4 - 6 weeks after receipt of payment.

We would like to point out that the specified delivery times may deviate from this information depending on the order situation. If there are any delays, we will of course inform you.

We will send your jewelry by post. If desired, the package will be sent by registered mail (subject to a fee).

You will receive an email as soon as your piece of jewelery is ready and on its way to you.
You can then track the shipment using a tracking number.


  • To Switzerland: free of charge by post
  • to Germany: 15.00 CHF
  • Within the EU: 15.00 CHF
  • To other countries: on request
  • Vouchers: on request (by registered mail)

Cavallin lehnt jede Haftung für verlorene Schmuckstücke ab. Das Unternehmen übernimmt keine Verantwortung für den Verlust von Schmuckstücken, unabhängig von der Art oder dem Wert des verlorenen Gegenstands. Es liegt in der Verantwortung des Kunden, seine Schmuckstücke sicher aufzubewahren und angemessene Vorkehrungen zu treffen, um Verluste zu vermeiden. Cavallin kann nicht für den Verlust von Schmuckstücken durch Diebstahl, Verlegenheit oder andere Umstände zur Verantwortung gezogen werden. Es wird empfohlen, eine geeignete Versicherung für wertvolle Schmuckstücke abzuschließen, um mögliche Verluste abzudecken.

Hair lengths required:

Bracelets: 40 - 80cm
Necklaces: 60 - 90 cm
Pendant: 10 - 30 cm
Rings: 30cm
Bangles: 30-40cm
Key chain: 40 cm

Required strand thickness:

Thick index finger for bracelets, chains, key rings
Pencil thick for pendants, rings, bracelets

Important: Bracelets made of two or more strands, please double the length/quantity accordingly.

In order to be able to produce a piece of jewelery for you, we first need tail hair from your horse. Thoroughly comb or pick the tail before clipping. Pick several spots on the inside of the tail. Make sure your hair is as long as possible. Our tip: the more different the colors of the individual hairs are, the more beautiful the color of your piece of jewelery will be

Before clipping, you should comb or pick the tail thoroughly to remove the coarsest dirt from the tail. Please do not use any mane spray or similar, and please do not braid or knot your hair.

Of course this is possible.

Mane hair has a very fine structure and is well suited for open tassels on key chains or for decorative balls.


We recommend sending the horse hair by registered mail.

We always return the remaining horse hair with the finished piece of jewellery

We accept no liability for lost pieces of jewellery!

If a locking ring is defective within the first six months, we ask that you contact us and return the ring - we can exchange it with our supplier.

If a strand of horsehair comes loose from the clasp within the first six months of purchasing the piece of jewellery, send it to us as well and contact us.

We process the unique pieces with the utmost care, but the goods are sold without any warranty and returns are excluded.

Many thanks for your understanding..

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