Schmuck aus Pferdehaar - Cavallin - Pferdehaarschmuck Schweiz Schmuck aus Pferdehaar - Cavallin - Pferdehaarschmuck Schweiz
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Schmuck aus Pferdehaar - Cavallin - Pferdehaarschmuck Schweiz - Nicole Schmuck aus Pferdehaar - Cavallin - Pferdehaarschmuck Schweiz - Nicole

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Unser Ziel ist es, hochwertige Schmuckstücke zu schaffen, die nicht nur ästhetisch ansprechend sind, sondern auch eine tiefe persönliche Bedeutung haben. Jedes Stück wird sorgfältig von Hand gefertigt, um die Einzigartigkeit und den Charme deines Pferdes einzufangen.
drei Jahre Weltreise

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mit dem Auto entlang der Silkroad
Schmuck aus Pferdehaar - Cavallin - Pferdehaarschmuck Schweiz -Globexplorer -Weltreise Schmuck aus Pferdehaar - Cavallin - Pferdehaarschmuck Schweiz -Globexplorer -Weltreise

im Bann der Entdeckung

Sieh die Welt mit eigenen Augen, denn nur so kannst du ihre wahre Schönheit und Vielfalt erfassen


Nicole and Nadine Schreiter are the talented minds behind CAVALLN horse hair jewelry since 2008. As dedicated sisters from Zurich and Lucerne, they have turned their shared passion for design and horses into a unique brand.

Nicole, an experienced designer with a strong sense of aesthetics, is responsible for CAVALLN's creative vision. With her flair for colours, materials and shapes, she transforms the beauty of horse hair into unique pieces of jewellery. Her creations reflect both the traditional values ​​of Swiss craftsmanship and modern elegance.

Nadine supports Nicole as co-founder and brings her business management skills to the team. She is responsible for the strategic orientation of CAVALLN and works closely with suppliers, sales partners and customers. Nadine's goal is to keep the company on a sustainable growth path while maintaining the high standards of quality and reliability for which CAVALLN is known.

Nicole and Nadine share a common vision: to create high-quality horse jewelery that symbolizes the close bond between man and horse. They attach great importance to sustainability and choose their materials carefully. By using horse hair that is naturally sourced, they support the appreciation of horses as majestic animals while promoting environmental protection.

With their unique combination of traditional Swiss values, sustainability, individuality and emotions, the CAVALLN horse hair jewelry team has built up a loyal customer base. They pride themselves on offering exquisite pieces of jewelry that reflect people's personal stories and connections to their horses.

If you are looking for unique and high-quality horse hair jewelery that expresses your love for horses, you should definitely get to know the talented team at CAVALLN.

Schmuck aus Pferdehaar - Cavallin - Nicole Schreiter

Nicole CEO

Begeisternde Outdoor-reisende

Nicole ist eine leidenschaftliche Reisende, die stets von der Vielfalt des Kunsthandwerks verschiedener Ethnien und der Schönheit der Natur fasziniert ist.

Elegante Verbundenheit

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