Mark & ​​and design law

The handmade horse hair jewelry and the associated online shop, operated by Nicole Schreiter from Wolfhausen, Switzerland, are protected by trademark and design rights.
The trademark law protects the name "Cavallin" as a trademark under which the horse hair jewelry is sold. It is important to note that use of the name "Cavallin" without Nicole Schreiter's consent is prohibited and may result in legal action.
In addition, the handmade horse hair jewelry is protected by design law. This means that the design and aesthetic features of the products are Nicole Schreiter's intellectual property and may not be copied or imitated without her permission.
As a buyer or potential customer of the horse hair jewelry on, you should be aware that trademark and design rights are closely monitored to ensure compliance with Nicole Schreiter's rights. Any unauthorized use, duplication or imitation of the horse hair jewelry or the shop design constitutes an infringement of intellectual property and will be prosecuted if necessary.
We therefore ask you to respect the rights of Nicole Schreiter and to enjoy the handmade horse hair jewelery and the online shop with respect for her creative work.
If you have any questions about trademark and design law, we are at your disposal.


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